When You See It You Will Know It.. You Will Believe It!

I see Jesus and the living Bible in you church this house is blessed!

Randall Maxey, MD

As a 75-year-old world traveler, I never thought I would live to see the day that I would be fortunate and blessed enough to see images of Christ and miracles that I had only read about in the history books and I thank and praise God that now I am able to join that select group of people after seeing the images at Dr. Norwood’s church family Christian Cathedral.

Dick Gregory, Civil Rights activist and Comedian

I was extremely ill when I came and God HEALED me when I was the Face of JESUS!

Rev. Robert Robinson, son of legendary singer Ray Charles

I felt that I was at the CROSS with Him.

Linda Hopkins, Jazz singer

Yes, yes I SEE Jesus!

Actress Marla Gibbs, The Jeffersons

This place is HOLY leave your shoes at the door

Minister Arlene Kennedy

God showed up and He WON’T leave!

Pastor Leon Patillo, fmr. Carlos Santana Lead singer

My HAND was paralyzed and I got healed when I saw the Face of Jesus!

Joyce Williams

I do NOT need a double mastectomy since I touched the Face of Jesus!

Evangelist Pat Morgan

I was getting straight D’s & F’s now I get straight A’s & B’s since I saw Jesus ‘s face.

Brandi, LaShanika, Julie

I had heart trouble bur after I saw Jesus‘s face my doctors told me the PLAQUE disappeared!

Mazell Parker

¡ was almost crippled & couldn’t stand to sing. God healed me after ¡ saw the Face of JESUS!

Jill Littlefield